Schneider Electric plans to host Innovation Day 2021

Schneider Electric, an operator in the power sector, has concluded plans to host its 2021 Innovation Day, on July 6, 2021.

In a statement yesterday, the company said the live virtual event will bring together thought leaders from around the world and across industries to discuss digitization and how it can be used to drive business growth and operational stability, having sustainability at the core.

The statement also said the event will feature a line-up of local and international speakers, including conservationist and polar adventurer Robert Swan, digital analyst and anthropologist Brian Solis, author and lecturer at Oxford University Rachel Botsman, and Executive Vice President of Secure Power at Schneider Electric Pankaj Sharma.

Commenting on the event, Ziad Youssef, Middle East and Africa Vice President of Secure Power and Segments at Schneider Electric said: “The journey to sustainability begins with digitization.

Business and IT leaders need to see this as an opportunity to build resilience into their strategy, allowing their company to move towards goals such as net-zero energy, and net-zero carbon.’’