Fans are why we are popular, says Instagram comedian Pankeeroy

Many social media comedians are in business because of fans that encourage them by asking for more skits. This assertion came from Pankeeroy, one of Nigeria’s leading comedians on Instagram and Youtube.

The comedian, whose real name is Nwagbo Chidera Oliver, said: “It is amazing the way fans motivate us. Sometimes within minutes of uploading a new video, we record hundreds of views and shares, courtesy of our fans. This encourages us beyond measure.

Even if you had wanted to take comedy as a casual preoccupation, fans’ responses quickly change your mind for you.”

Pankeeroy, who has a computer science degree from Redeemers University, has since his graduation in 2019, been active as a comedian.

Speaking about his fans, he further avowed: “Sometimes when my mind dwells on the possibility of moving on to other endeavours, the thought of my fans quickly dispel such thoughts. I cannot bear to disappoint my fans. They drive me to excel.”

On the possibility of ever quitting comedy, Pankeeroy provided clarifications: “Once in showbusiness, always in showbusiness. I will not discount the possibility of venturing into a business of any kind or opening up another career path, but the fact remains that I will always be a comedian because I am simply expressing my innate talent.”

The Anambra State-born comedian handed a piece of advice to up-and-coming comedians who are still seeking their moment of fame on social media: “Keep it real. Don’t try to imitate another comedian. Do what is natural to you first; then pay attention to the reactions of your fans. That will tell you whether you are on track or not. Also, do not be complacent. Keep pushing your skits out until you are well known.”

On how to treat difficult fans, Pankeeroy said: “Don’t antagonise them. They are actually your reality check. From their criticisms, you get to know some of your shortcomings.”