Banditry, kidnappings in Kebbi and the Bagudu approach

It’s no longer news that the entire northern axis of Nigeria has been enveloped by insurgency, since its emergence human lives have become worthless as people are being killed like ants men and women are vulnerable targets of armed bandits who kidnapped and raped both minors and aged women.

The ogy of violence remains unhindered in Zuru axis of Kebbi state where kidnappers and bandits freely operate they kill and kidnap choice people from remote villages to semi urban towns,the killing galore didnt spare security agencies deployed to secure the troubled zones,it has been confirmed by the police image maker in kebbi state that undisclosed number of police and soldiers were killed by the rampaging bandits in kebbi state.


In one of their series of attacks in Zuru villages severally dared the security agencies by telling the inhabitants to tell securities they are around they hence operate without hinderance sometimes they dont kill they only rustle cows.



A few villages will be mentioned in the Zuru axis, they are Makuku, Bena, Dankolo and very many, in all the villages attacked villagers count losses of lives and property.


Since banditry and kidnappings became a normal occurrence farming has been threatened as farmers who farm rice and other crops boycotts their farms for fear of being taken by dreaded armed bandits as several of them were kidnapped and many also have paid ransom to free themselves.

A farmer Babangida Gwandu lamented that no doubt the farming year is taught he envisages poor harvest in kebbi due to insurgency noting that food prices have attained an astronomical level of inflations making foodstuffs unaffordable to the poor.

According  to him hunger is eminent in  the country  if  concrete  measures  are not put in place to de- escalate the  needless attacks  on farmers in kebbi state.


To say the least his actions has honestly been rapid and humane he virtually visits immediately any village or town that was attacked he normally gives monies to victims families as first aid, to strengthen and boost the morale of gallant armies and the police he recently procured  20 Hilux vehicles and motorcycles which was disbursed to concerned security personnel as an aid to their operations in the state.


The attack and abduction of students of federal government college  Birnin Yauri have put the strength of the armies and the state government to taste, the swift response of the governor accelerated the rescue of at least 12 students so far.


The special adviser on security to the governor retired major Rabiu Kamba said the state government will both negotiate and bank on the ongoing rescue operations because so far it has yielded a positive result, we also heard that the governor had mobilised hunters, vigilante and talis men to help in the rescue operations they are expected alongside the military to comb the forest and rescue the students unhurt.

As the state and parents of the abducted patiently await with interminable tears the atmosphere is still tensed with an aura of hope and despair mix together  Bagudu remains the man in the eye of the storm as the nation and the world looks on.